Jazz - Many Styles

A big band Jazz ensemble typically consists of around ten or more players. These ensembles generally play a jazz quintet or single saxophone along with another stringed instrument such as the piano, bass guitar or drums. Some big band Jazz ensembles will also include other percussion instruments such as horns, double basses, drums, and keyboards.  original Although the term "big band" might seem to suggest that the musicians are not very skilled musicians, in reality they have all practiced their craft for years, often playing in groups as young children in order to help build their skills.

There are two types of Jazz - traditional and progressive. The former refers to the jazz style played by many great musicians in history. The other kind refers to the jazz style that is more popular today and is characterized by its upbeat rhythm and funky vocals. Jazz is an ever-changing style of music that can be extremely exciting to both new listeners and experienced ones.

In the early years of jazz music, there was little innovation and a very basic genre was defined by its composition. The big bands of jazz were originally developed by the great pianist Louis Armstrong, and they included many innovative pieces. Armstrong's band was so large that he required the use of a large orchestra in order to accommodate his enormous ensemble. The band consisted of six pianos and at least three horns.

The big band style that developed in New Orleans in the 1930s would become the dominant Jazz style in America.  illustration During this time many musicians became famous by playing in these large ensembles. Bill Monroe, Louis Prima, Max Roach and others made it big in Jazz music. Many other local players joined in on the banding craze, too, including trumpeters such as Eddie Hazel and Charlie Parker, alto saxophonist Charlie Parker and others.

The big band style became so popular that it even made it into popular culture with the film, "Jazz." This movie featured prominent performers such as Stanley Turrentine, Django Reinhard, and Louis Armstrong. It is one of the best films ever created about Jazz music.

In recent years, many of the original jazz bands of the 1920s have been revived. These bands now are much smaller than their original versions and can consist of a group of four or five players. Many people view the modern-day big band as being superior to the original versions because of the innovations made by newer artists.

The big band style is often referred to as "jive," because of the way in which it is played. Jazz is a musical style that involve a lot of "talking and listening", and the "jive" way of talking is considered "jive" by some listeners.


For many people, jazz is a wonderful music because it gives them a feeling of freedom and joy. But for some, it is because they are familiar with the way the music sounds. Because of its positive connotations, it is easy to see why the music has become so popular.

Some people will be able to tell the difference between Jazz music and "jive" music, but many will not. Most people will not be able to distinguish Jazz music from a standard guitar or piano piece that does not use the big band style. The only way to really be able to determine if you are hearing genuine Jazz or a fake version of it is to play the tune yourself.

A lot of Jazz music today is very simple. Although there are many songs that are difficult to learn and understand, there are many easy tunes. which have the ability to create beautiful music without the use of complex chord progressions. Some musicians make very easy songs out of songs that take more effort to play.  sample Even more challenging are tunes that are difficult to learn but are very enjoyable to play.

Jazz music is a great introduction to musical styles that are commonly played today. Although many people view the music as a form of relaxation, there are many other styles of music that are fun and can even give a person a sense of excitement.

Jazz music is not a fad. Many people enjoy it, but for those who love the music, it is always being played for enjoyment. Even if they don't play it very often, jazz is a wonderful way to add a new twist to an old tune.