Jazz In The 1980s And Beyond

The world of jazz, including the new genres of Funk Jazz and Classic Fusion, saw many changes brought by the musical worlds of funk, rock and R&B which are all characterized by their use of loud amplified instruments. With so many genres and influences that were taking place in the 1980s, it’s no wonder why creating a genre that’s easily definable seemed very challenging.

Almost all styles of jazz managed to remain active during the 1990s. These include classic jazz, Dixieland, bop, post bop, hard bop, mainstream, avant-garde and a number of fusion styles. From this period up to the 2000s, rock-derived musical elements and the use electronic instruments continued to be the integral components of jazz. Certain musicians who used this approach include John Scofield, John Abercrombie, Pat Metheny and the Swedish jazz piano trio known as ”e.s.t.”.

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