Capoeira Makes More And More Dancers Put Their Jazz Pants On

Today dancing is a hobby and a pleasant pastime for many people from different countries. It is obvious that various dancing techniques differ in their origins. Capoeira has become a distinguishable type of dancing that originated from a martial art. Today capoeira is a mixture of dance, acrobatics and music that attracts a lot of dancers and viewers. A capoeira dancer wearing comfortable jazz pant can create an unforgettable performance that impresses a wide audience.

The history of capoeira goes back to the 17th century. At that time many African slaves were taken to Brazil. They brought their music and culture to their new homes. It is worth noticing that music always played an important role in capoeira as it not only provided rhythm for performances but also brought joy to many viewers. Capoeira was not a simple dance as it included some techniques of martial arts. Two dancers, the attacker and the opponent, showed brilliant acrobatic moves that resembled a real fight and amused spectators. It is worth noticing that in the 19th century capoeira was prohibited. Some capoeira performers learned techniques of a martial art and even used them in some illegal activities.

It is important to note that this breathtaking dancing technique was legalised in 1937 when a man called Mastre Bimba founded the first school of capoeira. Later capoeira was proclaimed the National Sport of Brazil. It has become a part of Brazilian culture that may inspire a person to put on a comfortable jazz pant on and learn some exotic movements. It is essential to note that today many American and European dance schools include capoeira in their curriculum.

It is worth mentioning that capoeira performances always feature special music and choreography. Musicians play special instruments like beribau, tambourines and drums creating a proper rhythm and tempo for performers. Capoeira is distinguished by a special choreography of its performers. It is full of takedowns, kicks, feints, leg sweeps and other acrobatic elements. A skilful capoeira dancer wearing a comfortable jazz pant enters the circle with some acrobatic move like a cartwheel or somersault. The dancer faces his opponent with whom he or she creates a breathtaking show. It is important to notice that opponents don’t hurt each other but demonstrate their skills.

It is interesting that dancers undergo special rituals called Batizados or baptisms into capoeira before they become real capoeira performers. Batizados are very popular with many amateur and professional dancers. Everyone wears a comfortable jazz pant and demonstrates individual skills to the audience. After Batizados beginners get special belts and nicknames and become members of different capoeira groups.

It goes without saying that multiple dancing techniques are popular with many people from different countries. Capoeira is one of the most famous techniques in Brazil. It combines elements of acrobatics, dancing and martial arts. A capoeira dancer performing in a stretchable jazz pant impresses the audience with his or her outstanding skills. It is worth mentioning that today extraordinary choreography of capoeira attracts the attention of people not only in Brazil but in other countries all over the world.

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